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USA Select 2015 European Exposure Tour and Camp information:

Players, we are excited to help the next round of future European Professionals.

We want you to be one of our next success stories, like Chris Dixon, former UNC Wilmington player. Chris is a product of USA Select, his first game he scores 24, by his third pro game he goes for 40+!

Then there is Ricky Moore of UConn….

Ricky Moore is one of the very few players who has won both an NCAA Division 1 National Championship as a player, then again this year as an Assistant Coach with U Conn. Ricky is a former USA Select European Exposure Tour member!

Tucker Kain, went from USA Select Player to CFO of the LA Dodgers!

Tucker Kain is an amazing success story! He played Division 3 basketball and came to us to help him get a start as a professional basketball player. Even though his father is the former Chairman of IMG Global, one of the largest agencies in the world! Tucker got his start with USA Select Basketball. We go him a job in the UK. Since his basketball days he has been quite busy and is now the Chief Financial Officer of the LA Dodgers! He was just named one of the Sports Industries 40 under 40. Way to go Tucker!

Charles Gamble was a member of the 2012 European Exposure Tour that played about 20+ games all over Europe. The athletic forward caught the eye of a pro team. They remembered him and signed him for the 2013 season! You could be just like Charles, it starts by coming to camp June 12-14.

Greg Hernandez lead the league in both scoring and rebounding. Greg has an astonishing 36.3 points per game and 16.9 rebounds per game! Greg was also 4th in free throw percentage. Now he is a college coach!

Right behind him was RB Clyburn who was 3rd in the league in scoring at 21.9, second in rebounds at 11.1 per outing. RB, just finished his season in the UK and then signed with a pro team in Australia!

Our camp is set for June 12-14 in Charlotte NC.

We need players!

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Player News

USA Select win the Stuart Robbins Tournament

For the 2nd year in a row the USA Select team (number 1) were victorious in the annual Stuart Robbins Memorial tournament at the University of Limerick. They overcame UCC Demons in a competitive final game that capped a great weekend of men’s basketball in Limerick.


Thunder win an over-time thriller against US

WORTHING Thunder Basketball Club opened their season with an exciting over-time win over a USA Select side in a friendly on Saturday night..